Another year has gone by
and tax season is heading your way.

How much money will you be receiving from your tax return this year?

Concerned about your potential tax liability?

Are you planning to minimize your income tax obligation?

Do know exactly how changes in the tax laws can benefit you?

We offer personal and corporate comprehensive planning, preparation and consultation.

Failing to planning to fall.

All of us desire to minimize our tax obligations. Proper tax planning and knowing about the traps and opportunities in the law are our best way to achieve this goal. Tax law changes over the past few years have created many opportunities to cut the tax bill with smart planning. At James Lyles CPA, we are experts on tax policies and up to date on all new tax changes, we are committed to helping our clients achieve success in tax planning and their financial goals.

What James Lyles will do for you:
  • Preparing Tax Returns for Individuals, partnerships, corporations, S-corporations, LLC, trusts and estates.
  • Comprehensive tax planning and strategies to minimize your tax liability.
  • Represent you at tax examinations and through tax court.


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